What is Minecraft?

Minecraft as the name implies can best be described as a “sandbox game” where you mine to construct (craft) different forms of 3D blocks, with which to build your own world of unlimited virtual landscape, experiences and to create adventures. It is a game with different stages; each stage starts and finishes with the sunrise and sunset respectively. Minecraft has the characteristics of nature; you occasionally experience rainfalls, storms, thunder and lightning.

The first stage focuses on developing your survival instincts, when you find yourself in no man’s land surrounded by trees, bushes, mountains, snow and water. You have to make tools for digging and constructions, build houses to stay alive and for protection from carnivorous and nocturnal animals, gather animals that you can tame, and farm in order to have food. Other stages and modes may vary with wondering in the forest with monsters pursuing you, to exploring caves, mines, temples and abandoned villages. You can decide to rebuild such villages into farm settlements or convert it to a city.

5 benefits and reasons why Minecraft is the best game for your kids.

  • It boosts increase in creativity: Minecraft is one game that boosts creativity in children and kids. The possibility of revealing their architectural genius is high and you may be thrilled to discover that your kid has these potentials after seeing his or her constructions on Minecraft.
  • It inspires confident explorations: Unlike other linear event progression games where you need to complete and urgent task before moving to the next level or fail, Minecraft allows some degree of mistakes when challenged by the need to survive. Even with mistakes, kids are allowed to progress to other stages, thereby removing the idea and fear of failure I them.
  • It boosts the spirit of teamwork: Minecraft enables multiplayer adventures for players. Therefore, children tend to build higher social skills after collaborating with other kids to surmount obstacles and achieve success.
  • Develops the sense of problem solving: The degree of memory improvement and problem solving skills Minecraft brings develops in children is immeasurable. Kids spent quality on Minecraft trying to survive; they have to build shelter before nightfall, feed their avatars and make tools for digging and protection.
  • It offers good geometric skills: Your kids would definitely exercise their brains and geometric skills in order to build good blocks. They would know what is possible to construct and how to pile up blocks to form a good shelter.

Due to the above benefits, this Lego kind of adventure game has increased in popularity since its inception by Markus Persson (whom you might know as Notch) on November 19, 2011. The addictive natures of Minecraft stems from the fact that nothing limits you from creativity apart from your imaginations. This is why children and adults spend hours on this game building a world of fantasies.

How can I acquire a free Minecraft account?

Getting a premium Minecraft account in order to download the game comes with some huge costs. We believe no one should deprive you of such excitement just because you cannot afford a premium account. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we shall share five steps on how to create and own minecraft free accounts so that you can enjoy the game with friends and family.

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